10 Steps to Bathroom Beauty

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary – where else can you close the door and escape everything and everyone (even the ankle biting toddler if you’re lucky).  Not only is this where you wash up from the day, but this is a place to relax, rewind and regenerate.  Here are our consolidated 10 steps to help bring any bathroom back to bathroom beauty.

1.       Update your Towels & Bathmats

New fresh, soft, fluffy towels are an easy way to add some luxury to your bathroom.  Swap out any towels that are starting to get worn, frayed or no longer seem very absorbent.  Towels can last for many years, especially if you have a few sets that you rotate.  However, most of us have favourites that we use most often and it doesn’t take long before they just don’t feel as nice as they once did.

Consider on trend Turkish towels, they are super soft, really large and fast to dry – which is really great if you shower twice a day!  Find out more about our beautiful Turkish Towels.

Also consider adding something warm and a little more luxurious underfoot.  While bath rugs can be used in a similar way to bath mats (basically as a foot towel) they also are designed to add more style and comfort than a traditional bath mat.

2.      Install New Tapware

Tapware is something that can be changed and updated quite easily to change the aesthetics, improve functionality and add luxury to your bathroom.  Consider accent or feature colours like the popular matt black, or even gold or brass tapware.  And don’t stop at the basin – what about the bath and shower?  There’s nothing worse than poor water pressure, adding an overhead rain shower head can add real experience to your daily shower.  Remember though, when looking at changing taps, consult your friendly local plumber!

3.       Change up your Accessories

Are your toothbrushes sitting in a cup on the bench?  Or do you have mismatched accessories?    Consider grabbing a whole new set that adds not only style and luxury, but also functionality – make sure you include cotton jars to pop in all your bits and bobs to cleans up the vanity top.  There are so many options to choose from – simple elegant lines than you don’t eve know are there, or a real feature style to stand out proud.  Browse our Kassatex New York range of bathroom accessories for some inspiration.


4.       Bring the Outside In

Who doesn’t dream of an outdoor luxury rain shower?  Or a big old claw foot bath out in the fresh air.  Bringing some of the outside in with some specially selected plants can bring style and colour to your bathroom.  Believe it or not, they can also make your bathroom more healthy.  Simply due to the nature of the room, bathrooms tend to get a bad rep for mould and germs!  Plants in the bathroom can help to detoxify the air, making it a healthier environment.  Aloe vera, Bamboo, Peace Lillies and Orchids are well suited to the bathroom.  Even a bunch of flowers in a small vase can add fragrance and colour.

5.       Add Window Furnishings

Not often considered when thinking about bathrooms is window furnishings.  Most bathrooms have frosted windows to take care of privacy and let in light.  However, adding some sheer curtains or shutters can add significant uplift to the look and feel of the room.

6.       Add Feature Lighting

Recently we’ve seen a lot more feature lighting in bathrooms – a beautiful chandelier above the bath perhaps?  You will need your electrician for this one, but worth it.  The right light in the bathroom is very important.  Consider what you can do easily and what will add the right amount of light for your needs.  Ensuring enough light in the right place over the mirror is essential – your electrician can help with recommending the right placement.

For more indulgence and ambience, look to pop some stylish and fragrant candles on the bench, or next to the bath, to create a spa like experience at home.  There’s nothing quite like a relaxing soak in the bath by candle light.

7.       Add a Heated Towel Rail

If the new towels don’t add quite enough luxury for you, try a heated towel rail.  These don’t have to be built in, there are many free standing options available that you simply plug in.  Imagine stepping out of your bath onto a nice soft bath rug, and wrapping yourself in a heated towel – that’s indulgent.

8.       Use your Mirror as a feature

The most important, and most used mirror in the house, has to be the bathroom mirror.  This mirror needs to be the right size, but it can also add some serious style to your bathroom – changing the look and feel of the room.  Think about shape, size, frames and colour when choosing a mirror.  If you choose a mirror with integrated lighting, you’ll need your electrician.

9. Luxury Soy Candles      Use Candles for Fragrance

Scented candles are a great way to add both ambience and fragrance to your bathroom.  Look for relaxing fragrances to use to unwind at the end of the day or uplifting fragrances to burn on the weekend to simply freshen up the room.


10.   Stock up on Body and Bath Luxury

When you’ve made some updates to your bathroom styling, stock your cupboard with luxurious organic and botanical body and bath products to indulge in.  Always have on hand, something for the bath (salts or oils), nourishing body wash and body scrubs. Mineral bath salts with magnesium can be used to soothe aching muscles, and relax your body after a long day at work.  Fragrant and luxurious bath oils made with essential oils can not only soothe and relax but also add moisture to your skin.  Choose body washes based on nourishing ingredients like coconut and shea.  Bathroom beauty has a range of select bath soaks, and body & beauty products to choose from..