Bathroom Spring Cleaning

Bathroom Spring Cleaning

There’s nothing worse than a dirty bathroom, but unfortunately it is one of the rooms of the house, where dust accumulates quickly along with a multitude of long hair that you wonder how any female in the house actually has any hair left on their heads!

It’s spring, and what better time to spring clean… with Christmas on the way, many of us will be preparing for an onslaught of family and friends, so the bathroom NEEDS to be clean.  And not just everyday clean, good enough for guests clean.  Here’s our Bathroom Spring Cleaning tips, for a sparkling, spotless bathroom good enough for the guests.

Tiles (Floors, Walls, splashback)

Wipe down all your walls, splashbacks, cabinets and benches with either a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar, a some mild soap solution, or methylated spirits in water.  (DO NOT use vinegar if you have natural stone) Ecologic Tile and Floor Cleaner is another natural cleaning alternative that uses botanical extracts and essential oils with antifungal and antibacterial properties to keep germs at bay.

If you have natural stone tiles, be sure to read any product before you use it.  Natural stone can be delicate and many products can do more damage than good.  Anything you use on natural stone should be pH neutral to avoid doing damage.

Cleaning your tiles well can help to loosen any surface dirt in the grout, which is where the real issues usually are.


Because bathrooms are generally tiled, they have a lot of grout joints.  Grout is a porous substance, and it’s usually light, or white.  With the humidity of the bathroom, over time grout can become dirty, and even start to grow mould.  Eeew! The bathroom starts to have that look of being a bit discoloured, faded, not as bright, not as clean. Giving your grout a serious spring clean can make a huge amount of difference to the look of your bathroom. Our tips:

  • Be careful, some harsh products, used too frequently can begin to eat away at your grout.  Not to mention, overpowering fumes.  If you lose the integrity of your grout, this can lead to pin holes, mould and water penetration issues.
  • For mild stains (and if you have porcelain or ceramic tiles) try a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water.  Do not use vinegar if you have stone tiles as vinegar is acidic and can damage natural stone.
  • For tougher stains, try baking soda.  Make a paste and scrub with a brush and then rinse with water.
  • Also make sure to vacuum regularly before cleaning tiles, because this helps to prevent dirt soaking into the grout lines.

Bath, Sinks & Tapware

Make sure you pay special attention to all aspects of the bath, shower, sinks and all associated tapware.  Grime can easily build up around taps and in plugholes, so be sure to get out the cleaning toothbrush to scrub around here.  Don’t forget the drain also.  Pour some white vinegar down the drain and follow up with hot water to get rid of any bacteria starting to linger in your drains.

Give the sink and the bathtub both a really good scrub to get rid of any soap scum and dirt build up.  You can use dish soap, an all purpose natural cleaning product or baking soda (or even something harsher if you prefer) but be careful not to use anything too abrasive or you risk starting to damage the ceramic or porcelain.

Be sure to rinse and wipe everything down really well.

Cabinets & Vanity

Bathroom drawers somehow just know how to get cluttered, messy and over run.  Take the opportunity to pull everything out and go through it.  Throw away anything you haven’t used, don’t need, or is past its expiry date – and organise those drawers!  Give the cabinets a good wipe down with an all purpose cleaner and a soft cloth.  Make sure to clean around all the handles of the cabinets, and get any dust or dirt that has started to accumulate here.


Don’t forget the mirror.  A sparkling clean mirror can make the world of difference to the bathroom.  Clean your mirror thoroughly for a streak free shine.  Regular window cleaner works well, as does a natural alternative like Ecostore glass and surface cleaner.


Start on the outside, and spray down the entire toilet with a natural cleaner like Ecostore Citrus Bathroom & Shower Cleaner.  Be sure to clean all over the outside of the toilet, and then tackle the inside.  Ecostore Eucalyptus toilet cleaner is a plant based toilet cleaner designed to clean effectively while not etching into the surface of the toilet like some harsh cleaners can.  Scrub with your toilet brush until the toilet is sparkling clean.

For any tough stains, use a baking soda paste.


If you’ve got any mould in the bathroom, mix ½ teaspoon of 100% Clove essential oil with 1 Litre of water in a spray bottle.  Spray this on the mould and wipe with a cloth.  Clove oil has been used for centuries for its antifungal properties.  If you like clove, it also smells amazing.

Lights, Fans and Other overlooked areas

Give the lights and the exhaust fan a really good clean.  These can accumulate with a lot of dust in a short amount of time.  Be sure to also look around at what else might have dust on it, that you don’t always clean – the towel rails, the top of the bathroom door, the window sill, the top of the bathroom vanity cabinet, the top of the mirror.  Give all these a really good dust and clean.

Finishing up

Wash all towels, and bathmats, and replace with fresh ones. Polish any shiny surface with a soft clean streak free cloth – tapware, handles, mirror frames.  Keep the bench top of your vanity tidy and uncluttered by using some gorgeous accessory sets and pop a fresh bunch of flowers or your favourite scented candle in for ongoing freshness.