Candles: The Essentials

Candles have been around for more than 5000 years, and once upon a time were simply for light, but now we have come to expect candles to deliver so much more.  The addition of a candle to a space can add not only the warmth and ambience of the candlelight itself, but also style, luxury and fragrance.  Candles make perfect sense in the bathroom, a space that may sometime need a bit of help in the fragrance department, and who can go past the ambience of a candle lit bath!

Here’s everything your need to know about choosing safe, natural and beautiful candles for your bathroom.

Choosing Healthy Candles

What?  What do you mean my candles are toxic?!  Actually they can be, this is why you need to choose carefully – you want to make sure that anything you’re burning is healthy and not releasing potentially toxic chemicals for you to breathe in.  This is especially true when choosing candles for the bathroom, a much smaller space than the rest of the house.  You need to consider what the candle is made from.

Type of Wax

Candles can be made from many different types of wax.  Throughout time, they’ve been made from beef tallow, beeswax, paraffin wax and stearic acid, and plant waxes (such as soy, coconut, palm and even hemp now).

While paraffin wax has been a very popular and major candle option, however, when burned they create benzene and toluene – which to put it simply are pretty much the same as the toxins released into the air by diesel fumes.  Why would you want that in a confined space in your bathroom!

For clean burning, safer candles, choose plant based candles – soy wax or beeswax based candles are great.  These don’t produce the same toxins when burned AND they also burn much longer than paraffin candles.

Fragrance type

Some scented candles may contain phthalates. What now?  Despite being a little confusing to pronounce, phthalates are types of chemicals that have been used in fragrance oils (subsequently used in some scented candles) to extend the fragrance strength.  Phthalates have quite a stigma these days – while apparently some may be safe at certain levels, we all want to live as low tox a life as possible, so why take the chance?

Choose candles that have been scented using pure essential oils and natural ingredients.  Anything using artificial fragrances and dyes are a no go!  We only stock safe and naturally fragranced candles, browse our scented candle options to choose some refreshing style and luxury for your bathroom.

Type of Wick

The type of wick used can also have an impact on how healthy it is to burn your candle.  Some wicks contain lead!  Mmmm let’s burn some lead in the house!  Better options use cotton, paper or wood and other materials – most will say if they’re lead free.

Candle Care

Once you’ve chosen your candles you need to look after them to make sure you get the most out of them.

Wick trimming

Keeping the wick trimmed to around 5mm will help even burning, and prevent any debris, or black smoke, soot or black marks on the candle container.  It will also prevent that mushrooming effect you sometimes get on the wick after burning.  Wick trimmers are the easiest way to do this.

Candle location

Make sure you put your candle where it won’t be caught in a draught.  This will also help with even burning and prevention of smoke.

Burning time

Take note of each candles burn time and instructions.  It is important for an even burn, to get the most life from your candle and prevent ‘tunnelling’ to burn the candle for a specified period of time on the first burn.  Some candles will have instructions on this, if they don’t just make sure the first time you burn the candle it burns all the way to the edge of the container – if you only burn it for a short period the first time the candle memory will be set and it will create a tunnel down the middle.

Candles are an easy way to add fragrance and ambience to your bathroom.  We’ve specifically chosen candles that are made from soy wax, scented with pure essential oils, and made in beautifully stylish and eye catching containers that add just a little something extra!