Our Top Bathroom Reno Tips

Bathroom Reno Tips

“We Need To Get It Done Before Xmas!”

Spring is here and the mornings and days are getting warmer, the bees are busy pollinating, ah!  Christmas is just around the corner, well just less than 3 months away – there’s so much to look forward to yay!  But wait, with the silly season fast approaching, everyone suddenly needs everything done before Christmas.  Many of you may be contemplating a bathroom renovation. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and therefore it’s important to construct a functional, inviting and beautiful place of rest!

Once upon a time I was a tradie, and let me tell you I’ve seen it all before and I don’t think you could tell me a story or scenario that I haven’t heard, seen or was part of – many times like superman rescuing a client from a Xmas disaster. But I love to help and love to see the finish product, so…with all best intentions here are my top Bathroom renovating tips!!

1.  Start with a budget

Really look at what you can comfortably afford. We would all love to have the most amazing bathroom, even me lol. But if you don’t work within a budget your kids could get really cranky they didn’t get those presents because Mummy and Daddy spent too much on the bathroom renovations.  If you don’t start with a figure in mind (and keep track EVERY step of the way) you could easily over spend, and potentially run out of money before the job is done.

 2.  Have a plan

Write down a list of likes and dislikes, think about how many sinks you want (and will fit), consider the size of room and how to make the most of the area. Allow for storage – women need it or they will take their partners lol. Then review it and ask yourself what are you prepared to sacrifice to get the bathroom you want.

 3.  Do your Research

Check the latest trends and get inspired!  Consider what style your house is, and what style of bathroom design fits.   Importantly choose a style you like, and make it your own. I once had a lady who wanted multiple colours in her bathroom. She was lovely and such a delight to work for she kept saying to me, I want to see colours, and it’s what I want. Create the bathroom for you and not for the visitors!

 4.  If in doubt Engage a Designer

Engaging a decorator or designer can help you to finalise your colour and fixture finishing choices. There are a lot of products that are fixed and not easily removed or changed which can be costly. The cost of a consultant could save you a lot of money, pain and diminish renovation mistakes.

5.  Know your limits

If you’re going to DIY (do it yourself), work out what you can comfortably do and do reasonably well! I, like many others work out what I am happy to do, what I can do, what I didn’t want to do and what I needed assistance with in order to comply with building regulations. We all have our limitations and capabilities and it’s crucial to understand that.

6.  Hire Great Trades

Track down great tradesman with good reputations who do quality work, who are LICENCED, charge a fair price and will communicate with you. Now let me explain something –  great tradesman will make your process easier, help with decisions, give guidance and help you with finding other great tradesman! The trick here is to communicate that you want to work in with them, that you will have the tiles when you say you do, that you will do what you need to make their job easier for them. AND then offer them a drink and let them know that they can use your toilet!! A little bit of courtesy will go miles and they will appreciate the efforts you are making to help.

 7.  Take time to Review

Review your ideas –  double check the dimensions of the room before you order that vanity that could be 100mm too long. In the trade industry its measure twice cut once because it costs money to fix up mistakes. A quick sketch or mud map with some dimensions can be a saviour for getting bathroom fixtures in place, ordering the correct products, and quantities. Also another handy tip is, when you get your products home open them up, check that it is the correct product, undamaged and in working order. I once had a customer who ordered tiles, had them delivered, and they sat in the driveway covered for 5 weeks only to find that they were all scratched once we started to open them. The job was delayed for 2 weeks!

 8.  Get advice early on Programming and Project management

There are some decisions that can make the difference between your project being difficult or really easy. Organisation is key!  If you have hired a Builder, great have a coffee and enjoy! If not, you need to knuckle down and get ready to start organising your trades and suppliers. Check your contractors and suppliers availability and gain an understanding of the process, so you can book everyone in advance, with the right timing and in the right order.

 9.  Have a good attitude

Finally- there are going to be some mistakes or problems along the way, it’s just what happens when you’re doing renovations. Don’t be too hard on yourself, laugh a little and just keep moving forward and remember, it’s just a bathroom and Christmas is far more important spending time with loved ones!

10. Enjoy your new Bathroom sanctuary

Once you’re all done, turn on the tap to that new spotless bathtub, pop in some magnesium bath salts to relax your aching muscles (you’ll need it if you’ve done any of this DIY), poor a glass of wine, light a candle and… relax!

Best of Luck!!