Why Everyone Should Have Turkish Towels In Their Bathroom

You may have read about Turkish towels in your favourite interior decor magazine or on your favourite design blog. They are currently all the rage and for good reason. Turkish towels are lightweight, durable, and versatile. Once you try one, you may ditch your old towels for good.

What Makes Turkish Towels So Incredible?

Turkish towels are made from 100% cotton and use a type of Turkish cotton that has very long fibers. These long fibers means there are fewer joints, so as a result the towels are strong and smoother. Turkish towels also use a traditional weaving technique that has been perfected over centuries.

The Main Benefits Of Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are strong and have a more durable weave. They actually get better as they age. They are larger than typical towels so they have a lot of versatility. They are surprisingly absorbent and dry very quickly. They are also really attractive and come in a range of colors and patterns.

Three Types Of Turkish Towels

There are a variety of different types of Turkish towels available at Bathroom Beauty. Each type offers a different texture and style:

  • Baksana Hamam Wraps: Baskana Hamama wraps are very lightweight towels in a soft cotton weave.
  • Peshtamels: Peshatmels are also very lightweight but on the reverse side have a terry cloth like texture.
  • Turkish Agean Towels: Turkish Agean towels are a very standard towel but use Turkish weaving techniques for unparalleled quality.

Which type of towel you choose depends entirely on your specific tastes and needs. If you want something light for summer the Baksana Hamam is great. If you want something you can use in your bathroom and on the beach, the Peshtamels are perfect. Finally, if you just want a classic towel that is extra soft and really durable, the Turkish Agean towels are your best bet.

No matter which style you choose, you’ll be amazing at the softness and quality of Turkish towels. They are a must have for any bathroom!